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Multiple myeloma is a highly heterogenous disease with a quickly evolving treatment landscape.1 Introduction of agents such as proteasome inhibitors, immunomodulators, monoclonal antibodies, bispecific T-cell engagers, antibody-drug conjugates and CAR-T cell therapies has led to new combinations of therapeutic options with the goal of further improving outcomes for patients.1

While clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy and characterized the safety profile of treatments, RWE has been generated to provide additional data on the effectiveness that can be achieved when these same therapies are used in different patient populations i.e. patients with confounding diseases, or in an uncontrolled environment.1

This section will provide an overview of the current RWE for MM, including studies examining therapeutic regimens. This website will be periodically updated as new RWE is published. Please return to this website to access new RWE publications on the following topics:


1. Nadeem O et al. Immunotargets Ther. 2020;9:201-215.


CAR-T, Chimeric Antigen Receptors Cell Therapy; MM, multiple myeloma; RWE, real-world evidence.